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Posted on: February 18, 2012 2:17 pm

New York Knicks Midseason Report

I know many Knicks fans out there (including myself) have had a whirlwind season thus far including highs, lows, and ofcourse....LINSANITY! The Knicks have turned around a season that looked doomed a couple weeks back and things are starting to look bright again. Along with the emergence of Jeremy Lin, the Knicks have many things to look forward to. The team will have a healthy Carmelo Anthony back soon. Baron Davis should also make a return and help give Lin more rest during games while also providing a reliable veteran with good skills on the floor. The Knicks have also just signed J.R Smith who can provide help on the perimeter which they desperately need. The Knicks' defense has been great of late with Chandler, Shumpert and Jeffries all creating havoc with their efforts. Most importantly they are gaining confidence which they lacked early in the year and are starting to create a culture of winning. Here is my take on how these factors could help the Knicks make a nice run in the second half of this season.

Jeremy Lin, aka LINsanity, LINcredible, LINning etc etc etc, has been a fantastic story this season. We all root for underdog stories and this is truly a magical one thus far. Along with the fact he has soared to popularity and solidified his place in the NBA, he has also brought the Knicks exactly what they needed: a point guard who can make plays. There is no doubt that many of the Knicks' early struggles could be attributed to the fact that they were struggling at the point guard position. D'Antoni's system relies on having a capable point guard and the Knicks did not have one. Lin has come in and played great and has helped improve the chemistry of this team and more importantly has helped them LIN, I mean win (sorry I had to do it at least once). The Knicks were 8-15 just a short time ago and seemed to be sinking in the standings. The team was forced to play without their superstars for a stretch and it seemed as if they would fall out of contention in a hurry. However, Lin stepped in and most of the entire world knows what happened next. They went on to win 7 straight games before a disappointing home loss to the Hornets last night and are now in good control of the 8th playoff spot with a few teams ahead within striking distance in the standings. The good thing about all of this is Lin is continuing to work hard and stay focused amidst all of the media attention he is getting. Lin has a bright future ahead and I hope he can help take the Knicks to new heights.

Now, let me address the notion that Carmelo's return may hurt the Knicks' current chemistry. I have been very critical of Carmelo's game this season, especially all of the isolation plays he was commanding early on. I thought he was taking the team out of any type of flow and was trying to do way too much. With that being said, I do not think he really had a choice, the Knicks were lacking talent, chemistry, a point guard, and overall depth and they were actually relying on Anthony to do everything. I do not think it was possible for him to be successful given those circumstances and on top of that maybe we should start to believe the fact that his multiple injuries were having an effect on him. I think the rest he has been able to get along with the play of Lin and the team overall will be the best thing for him. I think he now sees that he will not be required do to everything and can focus on what he does best, which is to score and put pressure on opposing defenses. I think he is excited to get back and play with Lin as they can work together to make each others' jobs easier which will hopefully help them dominate and be a force down the stretch. Another thing to mention, is the fact that it was Carmelo who actually suggested to Mike D'Antoni to give Lin an opportunity so let's forget all the talk of him being selfish. I think he is excited by the fact that Lin has emerged and many are creating these obstacles. Overall, I am not concerned with Carmelo not fitting in with Lin, in fact I believe that with less pressure on him, Carmelo is going to come back strong and improve in all areas.

Baron Davis, in a way may have saved the Knicks season without even playing. I say this because had he returned by now, the Knicks would have probably cut Lin. Thankfully, the Knicks gave Lin a chance and the rest is history. With that being the case, where does Baron Davis stand in all of this? He has essentially lost the starting point guard job which was destined to be his.  So what will his role be and how can he help? That answer is easy. Lin emerging may be the best thing for him as well as he will now be able to transition himself back onto the court without being relied on to play heavy minutes right away and without having so much pressure on him to be the "savior" for the team. This will allow him to be more relaxed and also give him adequate time to get healthy. Once he returns, he will be a solid contributor off the bench and he will help the Knicks contain Lin's minutes while also being a mentor to him. There is no doubt in my mind that Davis will still serve a valuable role on the team down the stretch without disturbing the success of Lin.

J.R Smith could prove to be a valuable addition to the Knicks. I have never been a fan of him because of all the negative aspects of his presence. His poor discipline on the court, attitude, and antics on the court have always made him a player that I never was a fan of. However, the Knicks have forced my hand once again and as a devoted fan of the team, I will embrace his addition. With that being said, Smith's weaknesses are more recognized than his strengths. He is an outstanding three point shooter and an overall great scorer. Those attributes will both help the Knicks drastically as they have struggled from three point range this year and have also struggled with their scoring off the bench. Smith could immediately address both of those needs and being that he has been playing in China, he should be in game shape and ready to contribute right off the bat. If he can get his game under control and play within the system, he may even earn himself an extended job with the Knicks that goes beyond this season because there is no doubt that his skills cater to the system. He also brings some athleticism to the team which they have also been lacking this season. I will be curious to see how D'Antoni divides the minutes between Lin, Davis, Shumpert, Fields, and Smith once they are all in the lineup but I think it will be easy to get them all involved as many of them could play multiple positions. The important thing with Smith will be to prove he has matured and show more discipline on the court with his shot selection and I think he will be successful and really help the Knicks.

The Knicks' defense has been extremely underrated thus far this season and has looked great as of late. This is definitely the best defensive team that D'Antoni has ever showcased in his coaching career. To me, Tyson Chandler, has been outstanding and may even be the team's MVP. He plays hard every night, defends well, is scoring at a pretty high level relative to his career stats, and most of all he has been a great leader. He has done exactly what he was brought in to do and that is to anchor this defense. To me, Chandler has exceeded expectations and might even be the Knicks' most consistent player. Iman Shumpert and Jared Jeffries have also played valuable roles in the team's improvement on defense. Shumpert is amongst the league leaders in steals and his on the ball defense has been great in the backcourt. Jeffries is having a record season in regards to how many charges he is drawing and he is doing all the little things to help the team win. I was never a big fan of Jeffries because of his offensive limitations but the guy truly hustles and makes winning plays on a consistent basis. These factors have helped the team allow nearly 10 less points a game and become a decent defensive team. This will really help the Knicks come playoff time.

Another side note to mention for the Knicks will be the return of rookie Josh Harrelson, who was having a great rookie season prior to getting injured. His toughness, defense, and outside shooting will also help the team going forward. He will probably battle Steve Novak for minutes as Novak has also emerged as a good contributor for the Knicks.

All of these factors are helping the Knicks build a "winning culture" and gain confidence, which is so important in sports. The Knicks are now playing to win instead of playing not to lose. Most sports fans know that there is a huge distinction between the two. Hopefully, all of the chips will fall into place for the Knicks and they can continue to play spirited basketball and build a strong winning culture. I think the next step for the team is to become a more dominant team at home. It bothers me that the Knicks cannot protect their home court on regular basis playing in the "Mecca" so that will be something for them to work on going forward. But overall, I think the Knicks will be an exciting team in the second half of the season and I think they will continue to rise in the standings and who knows what the end result will be. With the way they are playing and all of the additions to their lineup with the signing of Smith and the return of key injured players they are capable of beating anyone. I am very excited and delighted (forgive me for rhyming I've been listening to Clyde too much) to see their season turned around and I hope they can build upon this and contend for a championship.
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Howard to the Knicks for Stoudemire/Chandler?

Being the Knicks fan that I am, when I hear major Knicks news, especially trade scenarios involving superstars, I have to voice my opinion. The latest news has the Knicks acquiring Dwight Howard for both Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler. Obviously, Orlando would have to include other players to make this deal work. The likely candidates would be Hedo Turkoglu (whose hefty contract would definitely be one that the Magic will include in any trade scenario for Howard) and Ryan Anderson

Before I give my input on this deal, let me just say how crazy things can get in New York. The Knicks are never in a state of rest (in regards to player movement) and seem to never be content with their roster. Patience is never practiced with this team. They are always in "win now" mode yet they have not won a title since 1973! It is nice to see that the Knicks are always trying to find ways to get better but most of the time their aggressiveness in making trades backfires on them. With that being said, allow me to evaluate this potential trade. The deal would like this:

NY Knicks Receive

Dwight Howard ($18 million)
Hedo Turkoglu ($11 million)
Ryan Anderson ($2 million)

Orlando Magic Receive

Amare Stoudemire ($18 million)
Tyson Chandler ($13 million)

From Orlando's viewpoint, this is a pretty good deal. They are receiving a star player in Stoudemire and a great defender in Tyson Chandler. The biggest problem for the Magic in losing Dwight Howard is the loss of his defensive abilities. He is irreplaceable as a defender, however, Chandler may be the next best thing for the Magic from that standpoint as he would be one of the best candidates to make up for the loss of shot-blocking and rebounding that Howard provides. Chandler can also finish well around the basket and would play well in the Magic's uptempo system. Stoudemire, despite the common perception right now, still has a lot of game left in him. He is struggling right now with New York because of the lack of chemistry with Carmelo, who has the ball in his hands the majority of the time and flourishes in isolation sets, and also because of the lack of a playmakers on the team. He is working way too hard to find his offense. He is best in pick and roll sets and as a slasher, he needs the ball while moving. He is not the type of player that you can post up or expect to create shots on his own and that is essentially what the Knicks have forced him to do thus far this season. Stoudemire is a hard worker and is coming off a great season last year in which he was an MVP candidate prior to the Carmelo trade. I think the idea that he is on the decline and that he has weak knees and a bad back are all non-factors. Stoudemire conditions himself better than most players in the league and he does not seem to be plagued by any injuries in recent history. He can definitely still produce at a high level and would be a great player to become the new face of the Orlando Magic. Offensively, Stoudemire is much more dynamic than Dwight Howard. Howard is a dominant center but he is one dimensional as a scorer. Stoudemire on the other hand is versatile on offense. He can shoot from the perimeter, slash to the basket, and is a good free throw shooter. He actually fits in Orlando's offense very well.  Let us not forget that it was Amare who brought life back to the Knicks after they missed out on all of their other free agent targets in 2010 and he served as a great leader to the team before the Carmelo trade last year. I think this deal actually makes the Magic a more complete team. I believe that if they made this trade they are actually a more dangerous team. I think this is the best deal the Magic will get unless they can convince the Lakers to give up both Bynum and Gasol. Otherwise, they would have to make this deal if it were on the table because they cannot risk losing Howard for nothing and it is a far better deal than the Nets or Clippers can offer (assuming the Clippers would not part with Griffin or Paul). The only drawback to this deal for the Magic from a basketball standpoint is that even though Amare prefers to play power forward, he is more productive at the center position. The reason this is a drawback is because Tyson Chandler is a center and after watching every Knicks game this year, I could make the argument that it is actually Chandler's presence on offense that is making things difficult for Amare as the two have not gotten their spacing down. Chandler is only effective around the basket so he stays in that area but he is also clogging up space in the lane for Stoudemire. This could limiting the area that Stoudemire has to work with and could be a bigger reason why he is struggling. Remember, Carmelo and Amare found ways to score together last year, that could be a result of Billups being there last year but Stoudemire's struggles this year could somewhat be the result of Chandler's presence. I could be wrong about this but it is something to think about for the Magic. Even if it were true, the Magic may be more successful than the Knicks in creating schemes that help the two stay out of each others way and flourish together offensively.

From the Knicks viewpoint, this is a trade that they would have to consider. I love Amare Stoudemire and he is my favorite player on the Knicks but he is not meshing well with Carmelo, whom, the organization will never give up after they gave up the farm to get him just less than a year ago. I would hate to see Amare go but it seems like Howard is a better asset to the Knicks right now. Howard is the best defensive player in the league and would instantly help them with their rebounding and shot-blocking deficiencies. It also seems as if he would fit in offensively with Carmelo better than Amare because he does most of his work in the paint. He can post up and draw double teams to help create space for the Knicks (which is something they lack). Also, the addition of Ryan Anderson would give the Knicks some three point shooting (which they desperately need) and a player who Howard is used to playing with. They work well together as Howard is now comfortable kicking the ball out to Anderson for open shots when he is being double-teamed. Hedo Turkoglu could also be an asset for the Knicks. He would most likely be included in this deal as a salary dump. However, he could really flourish with the Knicks and have a very valuable role. He could come off the bench and serve as the leader of the second unit. He has good offensive skills as he is a good shooter, can create his own shot, knows how to draw contact and get to the free throw line, and he also has good playmaking abilities. The Knicks currently lack depth and their offense lacks flow and cohesion, this trade definitely addresses both of those problems. From that perspective the Knicks should definitely consider making this deal. Especially if it meant they could somehow add Deron Williams to the mix next summer via free agency or trade (which would be a longshot but something to keep an eye on).

One caveat to this deal which may be a blessing in disguise for the Knicks, is that Tyson Chandler cannot be traded until March 1 (due to free agent signing rules). The reason this may be a blessing in disguise for the Knicks is that it will force them to be patient with their current team and give them some team to get it together. I really like Baron Davis, I do not expect him to be the "savior" for the team but I also do not think that the Knicks are currently a "savior" away from winning. I think Baron Davis can give this team what they are missing; a smart, veteran point guard who can make plays and has the experience and poise to play with superstars like Amare and Carmelo. He fits the offensive system very well and it is worth waiting to see if he can give them what they are currently missing. It would be foolish for the Knicks to make this trade without giving the team a chance to all play together before breaking them up.

In the end, this is all just speculation. But if there are any legs to this rumor and the Knicks continue to struggle and Dwight Howard's trade demand remains then it is definitely a deal both teams should consider. It is a rare deal in that it may actually make both teams better. We will see what happens..............
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NBA Headlines 2 Weeks Into The Season

Nearly 2 weeks into this 66 game NBA season so much has already happened. With just a short part of the season underway, what headlines have been the most notable? Well here are a few things that have grabbed my attention thus far:

1) Being a New York Knicks fan, their slow start (2-4 record) has been very noticeable for me. I know this team probably needed a full training more than any other team. They acquired Carmelo Anthony at the trade deadline last year and Tyson Chandler this offseason and have not had any preparation time to build any chemistry or flow on either end of the floor. With that being said, they have also had to deal with injuries early on this season (Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, Jared Jeffries, Mike Bibby and ofcourse Baron Davis) which has also contributed to their slow start. They were supposed to be better on defense this year with the addition of Chandler but have only showed it in spurts thus far. I think there is still a ton of room for improvement on the Knicks and the 2 most important things that will lead to improvement are (1) Consistent effort on defense by the whole team but especially Carmelo and Amare, as the leaders of this team, they need to lead by example (2) the health and production of Baron Davis, I believe Baron still has a lot of game in him and he addresses a lot of the problems that the team is currently suffering through. Another thing to pay attention to with the Knicks is the job status of Mike D'Antoni. I think D'Antoni will not last through the season if the Knicks do not improve drastically and even if he does he is in the last year of his deal and the guy who hired him, Donnie Walsh, is no longer in charge. Questions about "retired coach" Phil Jackson will surely arise. Doesn't it seem like going back to the Knicks (was a player for the Knicks and on their last championship team in 1972) and having success there, is the only thing missing from the Zenmaster's illustrious career. I think the Knicks will turn it around and make a nice run...........or at least I hope so.

2) The Minnesota Timberwolves have become one of the most exciting teams to watch this season. Ricky Rubio has been great thus far for the team and the city. Kevin Love is looking like an all-star again. JJ Barea has produced nicely and the team is just filled with so much young talent. This team has the same vibe that the OKC Thunder had a couple years back. I don't expect them to make the playoffs this year but they are on the cusp of being a very good team for years to come. One thing to keep an eye on for the T'Wolves is Michael Beasley. I think Beasley is very talented but from what I have seen this year, he just doesn't seem to fit in. He still seems to be a bit selfish on the floor and I just think he becomes expendable if Derrick Williams continues to play well. I am curious to see if they try and trade him for another veteran player to help this team grow. Regardless, I think the future is looking bright in Minnesota.

3)  "The Injury Bug" has hit several teams this year already. Stephen Curry injuring his ankle 3 times in 5 games has to be concerning for Warriors fans out there. I had to make a note of that. It seems like he rolls his ankle every time he plays. You would hate to see a player that young have chronic ankle problems. Hopefully that is not the case and he takes some time to allow himself to heal before getting back on the court too fast. Zach Randolph, who was one of the main reasons for the Grizzlies success last year, is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury. That could seriously damper the hopes of Memphis buliding on last year's success especially in a shortened season. Manu Ginobili is out at least 6 weeks with a broken hand, this is devastating to the Spurs as he is the primary scorer and playmaker on this aging roster. It will be interesting to see how they fare while he is out. Kobe Bryant seems to be doing fine with his wrist injury thus far hopefully he can make it through the season because without him the Lakers will sink.

4) The World Champion Dallas Mavericks have had a rough start to their season (3-5 record) and have taken a beating in some of those losses. I think many of us expected them to decline a bit after losing Caron Butler, Tyson Chandler, DeShawn Stevenson and JJ Barea this offseason but I don't think anyone expected it to be this bad. Sure, they will improve once Lamar Odom and Vince Carter become more comfortable with the team, but I have to say they look old and don't look like a team that will be a real threat this year. The good news is they have a great coach in Rick Carlisle and he will do his best to right the ship.

5)  The Miami Heat so far have looked dominant and unbeatable this year. They are playing at an extremely high level to start the season and have addressed may of the problems that they faced last year. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have silenced the critics with their lack of three point attempts this year and are doing all of their damage closer to the basket. I think many other teams are wishing the critics would have kept their mouths shut and let them stay on the perimeter because those two may be the best finishers in the league right now and are starting to work really well together. I think they are more relaxed and are playing so good on both ends of the floor. Right now they are definitely the team to beat. One area they could improve on is working on beating those zone defense schemes. (That was hard for me to say considering I am a Heat hater, but I have to say the truth)

6) Sacramento Kings fired head coach Paul Westphal after only 7 games and after his clashing with DeMarcus Cousins. This was a little surprising and it seems like the Kings' owners chose to back their players over their coach on this one. My thought on that is Cousins and Tyreke Evans better be as good as the Kings expect them to be because they just got their coach booted.

These are just a few notable observations early in the season and I look forward to sharing more throughout the year. Overall, it has been an exciting start to the season and I can't wait to see what will happen next............
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